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Image by Melody Temple
Gabriela & Pastor Maldonado in a single family office

Our own family Office 

Pastor Maldonado and Gabriela Maldonado decided to form a Single Family Office to create a structure dedicated to assist the different generations and maintain all the assets, needs and desires of its members. At the same time, achieve greater benefits integrating all the assets belong to the family heritage in a single platform.


GPM group was born with the purpose of establishing an organizational structure to manage the family wealth, and in this way to keep the family group together with the criteria of prudence necessary to allow maintaining the standard of living of each family members at the same time throughout the generations.


Monaco is a country with a long tradition of family businesses in various sectors. GPM group began as a single family office, to manage the assets of its founders, but it is intended in the future to add other families in the environment to share values and become a multifamily office where better benefits can be acquired for each of its members.

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