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 Single Family Office

A family office generally manages assets such as liquid assets, real estate holdings, and direct investments. Its activities include managing the personal patrimony of family members; and often providing various accounting, legal, educational and personal services tailored to family members needs. In its basic form, a family office's activities cover three main areas:

Investment activities: such as constructing portfolios, choosing managers, providing strategic, tactical advice, reporting and communicating. Assets can be liquid financial or longer-term illiquid, such as real estate and company participations.

- Legal and tax: such as administering wealth structures, succession planning, tax, legal, accounting, insurance and business management.

Administration and family professional: such as playing bills, accounting, managing property, and concierge services. The office can also support the family's philanthropic activities and engagements in social enterprises.

For the single family office, protecting the family members financial, private affairs and keeping its information confidential must be central to its culture.

The family office is set up to serve the founder, their spouse and their nuclear family. In later generations with families of substantial size, not all family office service may be offered to all family members.

Our Family Office

We are split into 2 main functions:


1. The Investment Element: This element which looks after wealth management, legal structures, company holding and all investments. It is here where the wealth is protected, investments are made and company ownership is managed.


2. Private Asset, Lifestyle management and operational management. This assets may also require commercial management involving purchase, sale, chartering, etc.

We can also take an important role in strategic, wealth creation or cohesion-building initiatives, such as:

- Organizing family governance and communication. 

- Coordinating education for family members. 

- Promoting wealth creation administering an entrepreneurship fund.

- Coordinating philanthropic activities.

Confidentiality and risk management:

Single family office is the only way to keep information in our private and financial affairs limited to the absolute minimum amount of professional involved. The larger the organization, the more people will have an insight into their private and financial matters. 


In our family office there is only one client group  and a limited amount of professionals involved. For us, protect the family members financial, private affairs and keeping information confidential, its the central to our culture. Reputation are vital to the family and the office help protect our privacy and confidentiality.


- Preserve family wealth and provide support for inter-generational wealth management in a consolidated, controlled and professionally managed organization.

- Manage complexity and ensure efficiency in the short term, while improving prospects for eventual successful wealth transfer.

- Achieve excellence in investment management.

- Leverage and nurture unique skill sets of the family (for example, real estate expertise and networks in a specific location).

- Support family businesses and pursue new family business ventures.

- Support entrepreneurship in the family and other strategies for growing wealth. 

- Free family members from the mundane daily tasks of managing wealth. 

- Provide a forum for uniting the family and developing talent. 

- Serve as hub or an endowment for family philanthropy and social enterprise. 

- Manage the family's strategic planning for multigenerational success.

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