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Image by Joachim Lesne

"We preserve our heritage in a consolidated, controlled and professionally managed family organization" 


Our history

GPM Group was born out of the need for a family group to manage, organize and administer heritage assets. Its founders, Pastor Maldonado and Gabriela Maldonado, decided to form a Single Family Office in the principality of Monaco to create a structure dedicated to assist the different generations and maintain all the assets, needs and desires of its members. 

Maldonado Family in Family Office

Single family office

Is a company that manage the wealth and affairs of single family. Usually owned and operated by the founding family for their own benefit.

The average size of single family offices has generally increased in recent years, due to increased specialization across asset classes, growing regulation, and large upfront infrastructure costs.

A great strength of the single family office is creating a managerial hub central nervous system for the family.This goes beyond cost effectiveness, performance, or efficiency of asset management, this is about a sense of propose, greater and cohesion among the family.

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